1. Chitose Station, Japan, 2014.


  2. End of crazy adventure today for Everlane in Donguan, China.


  3. reasons to live in no particular order: snowscapes, friends, ramen, izakaya, and beer in Niseko. 


  4. image

    I’ve been using the Sony RX100 and iPhone 5 lately :)


  5. the door to Ai Wei Wei's studio
    Ai Wei Wei sits on that stool

    Beijing to shoot an architect and his studio, January 2014.


  6. body language. superwowomg x toughlove. and now they’re engaged!


  7. krule & daughter.


  8. if you look hard, you can see The Strip at the vanishing point.
    rain in LA freaks people out.


  9. taipei for NYE, 2012.


  10. Anonymous asked: you've probably answered this question a million times but what camera did you start out with? how did you get started overall?

    I learned to shoot digitally on a Nikon D50 (I think the LCD was no larger than the size of 2 postage stamps) and film on a Pentax K1000. 

    You can read more about how I start here, another “starting out” question answered here :) thanks for visiting!