1. Random Film Friday / J+E

    The most beautiful and most happy I’ve ever seen my best friend. Also the most tears I’ve ever seen her shed. We all made a bet with her that she wouldn’t cry and she lost the bet as soon as their eyes met for the first time that day. Every time she cried, all the other bridesmaids cried…she said she heard someone weeping dramatically during her vows, it wasn’t me, I swear. The day was filled with so much love and joy for them from all of their family and friends. I’m glad I had a chance to capture some moments on film with my Pentax K1000 in between bridesmaids duties. Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Tin!


  2. tommy ton was in hong kong for his club monaco collaboration and I totally fangirl-ed out. check out the HIMYS blog for more photos!



  4. some film from last night (feat denise, christing, dan, and christina) pre and post-dinner at the press room (good fries!). the rest of the frames on those rolls of film are under wraps right now for a super exciting project I got to work on with cindy and kevin, to be revealed next week! EEP.


  5. qian qian

    macarthur park & ktown, los angeles, june 2010. 


  6. khalif


  7. john weselcouch


  8. phil, spencer(s), wes 


  9. kimmie


  10. sun