1. howimetyourstyle:

    ethandesu @ the red chamber

    nice catching up with you today, ethan! :) thanks for the tea.

    see more photos.


  2. lessgentlemen:

    LGM x HowIMetYourStyle: “Were You Hoping For a Miracle?

    do me a favor, and bang LGM in the streets.

    always inspiring spending time with Wale. 

    take note of the “Domestic Doomsday Equation” :)


  3. met up with noah for some vanessa’s dumplings during my trip to NY.


  4. howimetyourstyle:

    less.gentle.men x how i met your style

    it’s out!!! wale does it again.


  5. Woo woo. More #menswear with @thewanderlister at a new favorite store (Taken with Instagram at Moustache)


  6. Wrapped on the shoot with @woe_lgm @woe_is_lgm can’t wait to share!!! #menswear (Taken with instagram)




  9. unboxing (!!!) at the armoury with lnsee.